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The World Governance Index (WGI) is an indicator that allows the evaluation of world governance (taken in the sense of “collective management of the planet”), and which « has a twofold dimension:
- analytical: it must provide as true a reflection as possible of the state of world governance and its evolution
- and operational: it must enable players, whatever their level, to act or to react in the direction of a more efficient, more democratic world governance more in phase with the environment [1] ».
Made up of 5 sub-indicators [2], this index was conceived in order to offer to political decision makers, whatever their level (national, regional or international), to companies and NGO’s, a reliable and independent information, which allows them to:
- evaluate the degree of state governance,
- identify the strong and weak points of this governance,
- follow the evolutions as time goes by [3].

[1Defining the World Governance Index, FnWG (Forum for a new World Governance), WGI (World Governance Index), Version 2.0 (2011 Report:

[2of which we give the details below

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