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In a context of globalization and sharp increase of interdependences – in a global scale – between human societies and also between human kind and biosphere, the world governance defines the construction of regulations at the same scale. In other words, world governance refers to the whole rules, laws and norms set up to regulate economical, migratory and informational flows as well as international relations. Thus, the stake of world governance is to have a collective and decisive influence on world destiny by establishing a regulation system of these numerous interactions that exceed actions of the States.
We talk about world governance face to face the increase of global issues, such as the warnings about planetary environmental issues, but also regional unbalance that go with it: alimentary crisis and food migrations, geopolitical unsteadiness and instability, etc. The necessity of world governance is also the consequence of the emergence of a planetary civil consciousness facing a crisis convergence, and the necessity for example, not to reduce the answer to simple and heterogeneous reforms, but to consider a great transition perspective.

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